Finding balance - the careful combination Of a life of trust, and one of choices and decision. A fork in the road - three clear paths Is one of these my destiny that i'm about to walk past? Every day I feel the pull of intuition deep within, Remembering the words we used to sing:... Continue Reading →

Curiosity Killed the Cat

Be cautious with curiosity i've learned, Some things should remain unsaid. A lifetime of experiences to unveil Perhaps some questions should stay inside my head. What is the purpose of my desire To know of your life before we met? A million jigsaw pieces fit To form the image you present. The masochistic part of... Continue Reading →

The Offering

Tangled in your bed sheets Moulded to your frame Warm breath down my neck and spine I'm cradled in your embrace   Open up the shutters Let in all the light It's precious and it's delicate Capture this moment in time   I do this with my heart and soul Allowing your love to pour... Continue Reading →

The Tease of Time

The peculiarity of time is such That it moves against our will In moments where we laugh and love Where life is fresh and light It moves faster than I anticipate Always one step ahead.   Together time is rushing by Hours pass so easily For when you're gone The days drag on And time... Continue Reading →

Symptoms of Frustration

Dogs bark Shut up! Easily irritated How can I find inner-peace In a world so fast and noisy Congested streets Let me in! Taxi drivers are bastards This place can be harsh and cruel I know it’s trying to test me Shake it off Let it go Do not be affected Easier to say than... Continue Reading →

Soul Gazing

Cross-legged we sit Oppositional Eyes wide, irises defined Lenses locked on the other We watch. Temptations rise to break the silence Uncomfortable With a breath, shoulders relax Two strangers share a moment Time stops. Pupils widen adjusting to the light Conditional Reliance on the other, builds trust An unspoken bond of connection Minds awaken. Hairs... Continue Reading →

The Willow Tree

Sitting in the shadows Of her long and tangled leaves I feel a sense of permanence Wash over me A game of hide and seek I play all by myself For no one can see me here But I can still see out Peeping through her sweeping vines I notice rays of light Beaming across... Continue Reading →

Capitalist Spirituality

Lulu lemon yoga pants 80 dollars a piece The perfect accessory To your Thailand Yoga Retreat Spiritual journeys Would not be complete Without infinity edge swimming pools The ultimate tranquility Inner health and oneness A path to lasting peace Accompanied by Xanax For your debilitating anxiety Double-shot latte in the morning Is the only cure... Continue Reading →


Cushion beneath my seat I wriggle uncomfortably An hour of stillness ahead Plenty of time to clear my head Return to your breath, they say Allow your thoughts to drift away My mind though it doesn't stop It is like a ticking clock My back now hurts, my shoulders tight I can hear a fly... Continue Reading →

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