Cushion beneath my seat
I wriggle uncomfortably
An hour of stillness ahead
Plenty of time to clear my head

Return to your breath, they say
Allow your thoughts to drift away
My mind though it doesn’t stop
It is like a ticking clock

My back now hurts, my shoulders tight
I can hear a fly zoom by
Please tell me the end is nigh!

My left eye opens just a wink
I take the chance to sneak a peak
At the stranger sitting next to me

His posture straight, his eyes closed shut
I re-close mine and straighten up
He looks so calm and filled with peace
He makes this all look so easy

“Inhale deeply, let go of stress”,
The meditation guide says
Tell me, is this over yet?

Finally, I hear the dong
Of the end of class gong
Wow I loved that, I pretend
I can’t wait to do it all again


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