Define: Success

Busy streets Of lightning speeds We look But we do not see Eyes on screens We move blindly "Excuse me, please" We are so busy Stop, breathe Pause and think Are our lives fulfilling our needs? It is not until we meet Ourselves internally Through quiet contemplation Perception vs reality The dark and dirty cities... Continue Reading →


Inwardly interrupted Glancing at the others Their strong physiques sculpted #Nofilter Legs tremble, sweat beads drip Down my nose and splat On my yoga mat #Blessed Holding my breath I push up and stretch I am the strongest in the class #Progress Counting the minutes Turn my face to the fan The wind pushes my... Continue Reading →

The Market

Saliva drips From their thirsty lips Sale Bargain Clearance A room of things new Unbroken, unused Buy 1 for the price of 2 A temporary relief They grit their teeth Can I get that gift wrapped please? When do they stop When do they think How many ceramic jars does one person need? Trends and... Continue Reading →

Time – The Greatest Healer

A Kintsukuroi bowl Repaired in gold Hearts do heal and Wounds do close I remember the night I stood there out side Mascara tears left a stain on her dress Shaking and crying she held me and said It hurts, but its for the best Realisations arise in moments of pain Suggestions its time to... Continue Reading →

A Heart Freed

Sleepily I reach To pull the covers closer to me "Good morning gorgeous" I hear you say As you kiss me on the cheek Your stubble fresh With morning breath I cannot help but grin The sun already rising I'm not yet ready to begin The night before still lingers As I fade in and... Continue Reading →

The Beauty of a Moment

Your eyes They twinkle brightly In the streaming rays of light My heart stops momentarily As I notice them meet mine They're strong and fierce - protective A window to the soul They're warm and calm In chocolate brown I'm safe with you - I know Your arms They're strong around me I feel you... Continue Reading →


Purple and bright The colours behind my eyes Flash, fade, linger... a million worlds away A vast and endless blue-black sky A while here i'll stay A place where time holds not the truth It is neither night nor day A space of empty in-between Here is where I pray To stars and suns and... Continue Reading →

To Love is To Give

To give with open arms your inner warmth and light To share the deepest parts of you with willingness and delight The reciprocation of vulnerability A tease between The joy in learning of ones heart and mind - their soul baring generosity And that of their outside externality The sense of falling into love -... Continue Reading →


Swoosh...hum... let it in, Feel the fresh air fill you. It's sensitive expansion pushes your lungs like a  dolphin bursting into an almighty leap. Release. Allow the soft tide to swell above your head in a place where your tears are at one with the sea. You are free. Allow , accept, welcome. The endless... Continue Reading →

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